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Friday, May 02, 2008

Ooh the sun was out

I am trying to get my flexi down so I had an extra long weekend.

I went to Weeting Heath to see Stone-Curlew (it was there five minutes ago but just went over the hill) and Woodlark (it turned up just after you left and sat on the branch). So no luck there. I did see some Lapwing chicks - fluffy cute bundles.

But 672, St Peter & St Paul Wisbech, was going nowhere.

I could have gone to the Ouse Washes or Welney instead I went to Audley End.

I'm seeing Dad Saturday and Sunday so I'll be staying overnight.


Mary said...

Spring has well and truly sprung!

oldcrow61 said...

The photos are wonderful Pete. The flowers...beautiful.

Toffeeapple said...

Great pictures, Pete. That is a stunning church, I'll have a closer look at the windows later on today. The bee in the Rosemary was lovely.

Mary said...

Glorious views, Pete. Just beautiful. Enjoy your stay with Dad.