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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Rats

Sir was up early so we left after breakfast.

I've managed to cut the grass before it rained.

For some reason Firefox won't work, it just hangs. I wonder if this was due to some updates to McAfee? I've deleted it reinstalled it and nowt. I checked McAfee and it is authorised to the net. Rats. IE works but fine but I've now downloaded Opera.

Hope the photos are ok. I only took the Tamron 18-250 travel lens, I would have liked others BUT I have to be realistic I was never going to keep changing lenses with Dad about.

Books read :
Ellis Peters - A Morbid Taste for Bones **1/2 and One Corpse too Many *** later books in the series are better.
Peter Robinson - Friend of the Devil - ***. Not the best entry in the series but readable.
Phil Rickman - The Fabric of Sin ****
Steven Saylor - The House of the Vestals - **1/2 ok short story collection. the novels are much better

Next holiday is Devon and Cornwall in a month. Ah I do like this time of year!


Jan said...

Glad you had a nice hol with your dad, you got the best weather of the year so far, remind me to go on holiday same time as you in future right?

Photos of the flowers and the old cars are great. Sheringham looks nice, I think I've been there, long time ago now.

Mary said...

Another action packed week! I think I would need a holiday after a holiday as full as yours

Mo said...

Looking forward to the Devon and Cornwall photos then. Hope you had a great break. Lovely flower shots.

Anonymous said...

Ah, someone who understands! Just the other day I was explaining to someone that the reason I didn't have a tripod and my camera on 'manual' during a walk wasn't that it was a cheap camera, it was that Mum was there... it was bad enough just stopping to photograph things while she strolled off into the distance.

Pete said...

i think there is a degree of snobbery. never use a tripod