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Thursday, May 22, 2008


And since you want it cropped...

But Carin is not satisfied!

Anyway the original in colour

and converted

what do we all reckon?


Carin Fuchs said...

LOL ...though I'd still would cut the road away too, because it somehow spoils the old-fashioned-postcard image.
How do you like the cropped picture Pete?

Pete said...

I sort of see what you mean. I prefer it with the road in as you lose to much of the see and i like the figure walking along it!

Carin Fuch said...

Funny thing! The original coloured picture clearly draws (my) attention to the people wating in line in front of the Fish and Chips shop, the converted picture make me focus on the pier alone, that's why I like the twice cropped picture best!

Anonymous said...

I like the top one, the monochrome with the building chopped off. In the colour picture, the building is distracting (even more than in the monochrome-with-the-building).

I like the figure too... adds a bit of foreground interest.

The horizon is slanting a little... I used not to notice these things, but months of watching other people comment on photos (on the wallpaper site) has drawn my eye to such things. Now I would straighten it just to avoid their comments. :-)

Pete said...

a friend reckons i need to cut a foot off :)

Anonymous said...

The cropped one without the road and people is OK if you want a dramatic sky (remembering to level your horizons!), but it is a bit 'busy' in that bottom right corner. The b&w one with the person walking along the seafront is better, in my opinion. Walking from left to right leads your eye to the group of people, then they lead your eye back into the photo along the pier.