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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cathedrals, Churches, Birds and Insects

And so where shall we go today? Ah I know St Albans cathedral....

The candle sticking up is the one I lit for Mum.

Shrine of St Alban.

Thought OC would like this.

I found out that one of the few local churches i needed was open today so....

675 St Martins Knebworth.

This was built by Lutyens. The old church is in the grounds of Knebworth House and is superb.

This one wouldn't make my list but hey ho.

I had thought of going to Knebworth House but the sun was shining and I fancied a look around Rye Meads.

Sedge Warbler

Female Common Blue I think

Common Blue Damselfly (I think).

Oh this is a four spotted chaser.