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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


uh hang on my brain is detecting something seriously wrong. Ah got it Sun!!!

I went to

671 All Saints, Crondall.

There was a prayer meeting going on and as it was rather pleasant I sat in the churchyard and started David Copperfield.

after half an hour.... I should mention that the tower is much later 1650 something. There are wooden galleries running into it from the church.

I then went on to an English Heritage property Northington Grange. The property is now a ruin but is important becuase it was the first private house built in the greek revival style.

Then on to Hinton Ampner. A lovely garden, nice house with a parish church in the grounds (not on my hit list but worth going into).

Lots of flutters about but only one perched and that was distant. Hope OC appreciates bees and orange tip flutter


Tricia said...

Looks like another great day out and what a change to see blue sky in your pictures.

The bees and wagtail pictures, in particular, are lovely.

What amazing stained-glass windows. They look very modern.

Jan said...

Sorry missed these yesterday, lovely flowers and insects pics etc. I saw an orange tip yesterday too, and two peacocks.