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Friday, April 25, 2008

A return to traditional values

One of the things that has been irritating in British Politics is the fact that the two major political parties have become virtually interchangeable.

Old Labour die hards have bemoaned New Labours move to the right and Thatcherite Conservatives are a mite disturb but Dave "hug a hoody" Cameron.

So it was a relief to see the abolition of the 10p tax band and see redistribution reenter the Labour Party lexicon. Of course redistriubtion from the poor to the rich wasn't what the likes of Nye Bevan had in mind.

You have to wonder about Gordon Brown, he waits 10 years for the job and then makes a right horlicks of it. That Blair bloke must be laughing his head off.

I have to say the Labour barracking of Nick Clegg at PMQ's when he was remembering the soldiers who had died in Iraq and Gwyneth Dunwoody MP was pretty disgraceful.

But then they all seem like a bunch of overgrown yobs.


Malc said...

Brown cuts a sad and pathetic figure these days, just as Blair is being exposed for the deranged religious fundamentalist that many of us suspected he was all along.

Mrs Malc always tells me I should never have trusted the bastards in the first place.

st said...

The only thing the louts agree on involves money.
Pay rise- 99% YEAH
better pension -99% YEAH
perks - we deserve them oh yeah
Words seldom spoken of politicions--- Honest, truthful, law abiding, reliable.. oh now i've started.