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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Medieval Season

BBC 4 have a strand of programmes on Medieval Britain. The programmes I've seen so far have not been that stunning but I have hopes for "How to Build a Cathrdral". It looks like having lots of images of some truly awe inpsiring buildings which can't be bad. Unfortunately it is only on digital and as I'll be away I'll be unlikely to catch it.

The Radio Times asked 4 of today's "top architects" to each select their best and worst English Cathedral.

Robert Adam (no not THE Robert Adam): Best - Canterbury, worst - RC Livperpool (paddy's wigwam)
Piers Gough: Best - Ely, Worst - Salisbury
Maxwell Hutchingson: Best - Lincoln, Worst - RC Brentwood
Julia Barfied: Best - York, Worst - Liverpool (Anglican)

some odd choices. I've never been to Liverpool and Brentwood is quite new and on a different scale. Salisbury? "Too perfect" yeah right puhlease.

My own favourite is probably Canterbury (but I could find a case for at least 5 or 6) my least favourite is definitely Westminster Cathedral. Curiously I'm not a fan of York.


EB said...

Malcolm will put the Cathedral programme onto a DVD for you if you like. Just let him know the details and he'll sort it.

Pete said...

thanks EB. I'm sure that it will be repeated eventually.