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Sunday, March 30, 2008


well at 9pm last night I gave up, turned the 'puter off and went to bed. I was zonked.

When I eventually woke up I felt a bit refreshed but it didn't last. I am still zonked. The weather is lovely but I just can't summon up the energy to go for a wander.

Went around dad's this morning to find a shelf had collapsed in the garage spilling paint. This missed his new car by INCHES!!! eek!

I did see a Brimstone butterfly in dad's garden and another driving home. There were bees about as well. Is spring finally here?

When I was a kid the butterfly I saw most of was the Small Tortoiseshell but I seldom see it now. Butterfly Conservation are reporting that Small Tortoiseshell numbers are down 80% since 1990. No one knows why, it could be climate change or it could be tied to the tiny parasitoid fly Sturmia bella, first noted in Britain in 1999.


leazwell said...

No spatter on the car at all??? Amazing.

Liz said...

Last year was terrible for butterflies, I barely saw any at all throughout summer and I live next door to a large park with woodland (lots of nettles)

I saw my first red admiral in September/October when we had a hot spell!


diddums said...

I feel rather soggy myself - seems to be that sort of day.

Jane said...

Hope you get your energy back soon... I saw brimstones and peacocks in our garden yesterday. I guess it was the warmer sunshine. Take care. Jane

oldcrow61 said...

Hope your feeling better soon.