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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stand by your Ham

200 Pig Farmers gathered outside Downing Street to protest about falling profits. A petition calling for support for pig farmers was handed in to Downing Street before going on to Westminster.

Feed prices have doubled over the past year and farmers say they are losing £20 per pig and farmers are upset that 2/3 of imported pork would be illegal to produce in this country.

Industry experts say that although pork prices in supermarkets have risen significantly only a fraction of this has been passed on to farmers. (Blogger thinks I wonder if the supermarkets are pocketing it? nah surely not).

The farmers were accompanied on the protest by Winnie the Pig.

The farmers have recorded a song to highlight their problems.


Anna said...

One reason why I've started buying meat from my local farm shop.

Diddums said...

Come on follow the Geordie boys, They'll fill your heart with joy
They're marching for their freedom now
Come on follow the Jarrow lads, The joy'll make your heart feel glad
They're singing now, yes now is the hour

Well I can hear them an' I can feel them
An' it's as just as if they were here today
I can see them, I can feel them
An' I'm thinking nothing's changed much today

Different protest, different era. Or is it?

Jan said...

I may not still be a veggie, but I still refuse to eat pork or anything with pork in it. There are too cute, too much like dogs, no way could I eat one. Same goes for lamb, but then luckily I never liked lamb meat anyway, so not a problem. I try not to think about it with chicken.