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Friday, March 14, 2008

Nothing new under the sun

As I said I had the day off. I went to roll my ISA over for the next tax year, well I could have done it by post but thought Dad would like the ride.

It was a gorgeous day the weather was to die for! All pictures are with the Sigma 10-20 wide-angle lens hence some interesting effects.

You've seen all the places many times before but hey thought OC would like to see some green! Hope you aren't too bored.

Lavenham in Suffolk. There was a plant in the village with LOADS of honey bees. WRONG LENS!!

Long Melford in Suffolk. Saw my first butterfly of the year a Brimstone! I was eating a sarnie at the time.

Finchingfield in Essex including the church.

This shot was taken at 17mm the next at 10mm both are focussed on the same point. Never mind the quality look at the width.

At the entrance to the church is the libary!! It only opens on Saturdays.


Tricia said...

May have been the wrong lens (how frustrating!) but good pics anyway. Obviously better weather "up north" than "down south" today!

Toffeeapple said...

What gorgeous weather you had, we had a whole day of dismal with drizzle. Superb photos, especially liked the one with the smartcar, love the colour, mine is silver and graphite, like the weather! :-)

oldcrow61 said...

How lovely to see things green and growing. How I envy you your weather at the moment. Great pictures.

Mary said...

Well the sun did not put in an appearance here in the new was another grey day.Looks like you were on another planet!

Anonymous said...

Feeling homesick for essex with those lovely pictures, lavenham and finchinfield are two of my favourite places Jan cornwall

Anonymous said...

A much-appreciated scenic tour and a sprig of hope for spring-starved, east coast U.S. residents, that somewhere the temperatures moderate and the sun still shines.

I especially enjoyed the perspective brought by your wide-angle lens...Deb

Anonymous said...

If you keep the camera level you don't get the converging verticals. Your software might be able to correct it. It's not too bad.

Pete said...

Digi - I think you get less distortion the nearer to 20m you go BUT I like the perspective you get wider open.