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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

lets talk Chicken

The BBC Countryfile did a blind tasting of 4 chickens on Sunday.

They got a top chef (Theo Randall i think) and a bunch of food science students.

The chickens were
a) a standard battery chicken
b) a corn fed battery chicken
c) a free range chicken
d) an organic free range chicken

The chef recognised the four types of chicken but the surprise came at the blind tasting.

The one that came out top for moistness and flavour was the standard battery chicken and bottom? hello free range birds.

Of course I have no idea where they got the free range chickens. It was amusing to watch the stunned look on everyones face when they got the results.


Jane said...

Ooops! I don't expect they were banking on that! Glad they still used it in the programme though. Jane

Speedcat Hollydale said...

When it comes to chicken, and I'm an expert, the best will always be the Hawaiian wild game hen. That is my statement.

Hello from SpeedyCat :-)

Pete said...

cheers Speedy. cant remember what the free range they used was

Ally said...

Is that perhaps because it was what the testers were actually used to eating? And perhaps, something to do with the way it was cooked - free-range birds will tend to have more muscle and so will benefit from a longer, slower cooking process.

Dawn said...

I've tried all sorts of chickens and can't tell the difference (I can't cook anyway)so still go for the free range organic if just to assuage my guilt!!