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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Say No

The BAA have unveiled plans for a second runway at Stansted Airport.

Lets ignore for a moment the 13 listed buildings at risk, lets ignore the affect on local people and lets ignore the fact that what this country needs is a major international airport oop North to serve Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham etc (of course my "Northern cousins" moan like heck that everything goes to London but then they want none of the impacts - like a flipping airport. RANT OVER.).

No, Stansted threatens Hatfield Forest

Hatfield is of supreme interest in that all the elements of a medieval Forest survive: deer, cattle, coppice woods, pollards, scrub, timber trees, grassland and fen, plus a seventeenth-century lodge and rabbit warren. As such it is almost certainly unique in England and possibly in the world …….The Forest owes very little to the last 250 years ….. Hatfield is the only place where one can step back into the Middle Ages to see, with only a small effort of the imagination, what a Forest looked like in use.
Oliver Rackham, 1976.

I can tell you that in my part of the world Hatfield is incredibly special (it has trees over 600 years old). The development of Stansted has undoubtedly impacted on the Forest. Its a darn site noisier than it was when I was a lad for a start.

Now I'm not naive I know that we need good transport links BUT I remain unconvinced that Stansted is the place.

I know I've posted the link to the petition before but here we are again


Joanna said...

I'm new to your site, so thanks for the link, which I hven't seen before. Very interesting to read the Rackham, and to hear that it's still as he described.

If we want to keep these incredibly special places, we have to fly less - in this house we started a couple of years ago by deciding not to eat air-freighted food. You have to think quite hard to achieve that, and that means that we've ended up feeling less inclined to jump on a plane.

Thanks for sharing

Toffeeapple said...

I'm not sure that I've seen that link before so have signed the petition just in case. It really frightens me, the way things are destroyed.

st said...

In this far northern outpost we get one plane a day (overhead) and that's to many.
My wife works under the flight path for ncl airport, a regional airport only busy in summer where she says the flights are noisy. I cannot imagine what it's like under the busy london airports where it's 24/7.
I think you might upset the people in manchester, as they have a fairly large operation, unlike ncl were we still have grass ;)

Pete said...

welcome joanna

thanks TF much appreciated

Pete said...

st - is Manchester really a MAJOR airport? I think econmoically the North and the country needs a MAJOR airport oop north.

Anonymous said...

I've never been there but hope to try and find it this weekend.
Both my wife and I have signed the petition, but it's just a list of names and email addresses no ? does that count as a proper petition ?

Anonymous said...

The organisers of the Stanstead No
Expansion campaign have been supportive of our No expansion of Heathrow Airport.

Very impressive speaker came to our rally at Central Hall.

Then this bombshell hits!

Boris is bleating on about an airport in the Thames Estuary.

Like Pete I think any expansion has to be oop North enough is enough here!

I live under the flight path of Heathrow and we wake often at 4.30 or 5 when a big transatlantic or other long haul comes in early . They shouldn't have any night flights - joke!

I'm against any airport expansion in the South!

Perhaps more tax on airplanefuel will hit the low cost fliers and that will stop the short haul flights!

Sign the petition!


Pete said...

Anony? think so. You can write to your MP, secretary of State etc.

Its easy to find if you head for Takeley.