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Friday, March 07, 2008

and so......

And so another week comes to an end.

I have made plans for tomorrow. The hope is you'll get lots of photos of churches and an old house (I'm hoping to give my church list a kick). This will depend on the weather. The good news is that the historic buildings industry is starting to wake up. With an easter break coming up photoblogger will be returning in some force.

The other good thing is that the mornings are starting to draw out, at 6:30 this morning even with a dull grey sky I could have gone birding, so I'll have to start jumping out of bed and popping to the Forest or Amwell on a Sunday morning.

1 comment:

ziggi said...

yes, thank goodness for more hours of daylight!
Have a lovely productive weekend, I hear we're going to be underwater again by Monday!