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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Wind in the Willows

So where to? For some strange reason I headed south down the M11 I hadn't planned to but there you go. I am going to Esher next week to pick up a church I need and to visit Hampton Court Palace. So I went to Barnes.

And look what I found!

I wandered into the wader scrape hided and saw a duck. And I thought "hello what are you" the obvious answer was Garganey but I thought it a bit early! Well here you go.

I wandered to the peacock tower in search of a birder with a scope so I could confirm it! I put a chap on it and sure enough a Garganey!! Nice! I'm guessing first winter male.

I know a few people who frequent Barnes and look who turned up, Josh and his Granny - Oh I'll suffer for that!!

I took Tricia and Josh to where the Vole was unfortunately for Tricia her son phoned for instructions on cooking roast beef.....

well have some more!

Lots of these chaps about....

I apologize for lots of shots of this little cutey


Tricia said...

Really great pics Pete and particularly the water vole.

And you know very well that Granny is not a word to be used!!

oldcrow61 said...

The Vole...what a perfectly beautiful creature. Great shots you got of him or her.

Jan said...

Cute Vole. Reminds me of Tales from the Riverbank, but then I'm old.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Pete!!Wow you sure gave us a lot of photos today. lovely.

I gave your blog an award today, check out my blog and pick up your Blog Award! Cheers

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful series of photos, i love ducks and the voles are lovely!

st said...

Water voles are a thing of my youth. As i spent a lot of it in, on or along the local river. Seldom seen now, sadly.
love the duck pics.
Oh is escher where there is a large parakeet roost?

Pete said...

thanks all.

jan - annoyingly I remember it as well.

hi crafty green nice of you to say high

st - there were about 20 pairs introduced. and yes esher is where the parakeet roost is

Anonymous said...

Pete - So enjoyed the vole and duck photos... what marvelous diversity you have..... Deb

Mo said...

Love the water vole, and the ducks.