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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Designer Fashion for Chickens

I appreciate the previous blog was a bit heavy.

Last November Brigitte Hawley gave a home to 4 chickens from the Battery Hen Welfare trust. The four chickens were effectively bald after their feathers had been pecked out.

Now as you will appreciate the chickens are a bit cold. In the battery shed they have artificial heat. To enable her new partially feathered friends to get used to their new life without catching a chill Ms Hawley has developed a knitted Chicken jumper or Chux Tux. The tux can come in a variety of designs dependent on which part of the chicken needs protection.

When out in the wild the chickens do start to regrow their feathers.

There is a video here

The Battery Hen Welfare trust is a charity that works with farmers to give a new lease of life to 'spent' battery hens when their egg productivity starts to slide.


oldcrow61 said...

It's so sad. I've saved battery hens myself and brought them home. They are indeed a mess. Toe nails so long that they couldn't walk. However, with lots of kindness and caring for they turned into beautiful chickens and lived to ripe old ages.

Toffeeapple said...

Well done Brigitte! Poor creatures, they deserve some TLC. And well done OC too. Wish I could have some chickens...

Malc said...

What, no woolly hats?

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust do great work and it takes only a little time for the hens to recover once they are given better conditions. Most also remain productive, although there are those who decide they are on holiday - but there's no real guarantee with hens anyway.

Pete said...

Hi Malc, I presume you got here from CP?

OC - aaaawwwww

Anna said...

I'd love to rescue some hens, we have plenty of room. But Michael says no. :(