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Saturday, January 19, 2008

There is a Rumour it MAY stop raining

Well I am in shock it's raining. All flipping day, everywhere is sodden and grey.

So what have I done? Uh not much really. Read a bit, watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets oh and picked up Dad's new car!

We popped into Tesco this morning. We piled our shopping on to the checkout only to find we had picked the wrong checkout. Yes we had the Tesco checkout assistant who happened to know her customer and they were nattering.


I did look at my watch a few times but she was oblivious. Oh this was not Saturday student staff.

UPDATE - I would like to stress it was not the nattering but the fact that the checkout assistant stopped serving and the customer stopped packing that annoyed me. I thought women could multi-task? If they had kept serving and packing no problem.

Anyway still raining lets hope it'll stop for a bit tomorrow.


Tricia said...

I certainly hope the rain will go away for you up in Essex. Now Surrey....

Mary said...

How reliable is this rumour and when might we expect some sun?

st said...

Stop raining don't be silly.

Chatty check out operators now exist across the spectrum of supermarkets.
'Happy to help' only if you rudely interupt them. I take particular pleasure asking for stuff i know is aisles away.

Jan said...

Hope Check Out Girl doesn't read this.

Toffeeapple said...

It's sunny and quite warm here (Bucks) for a change .

I would have reported the check-out person -I've done it before. They are not told who reported them.

We've loads of starlings here today, usually we have seagulls and blackbirds...