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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Weekly Wildlife Magazine

The latest issue of BBC Wildlife came with a copy of issue 1 of a magazine called the Wildlife of Britain. Apparently its not new but was first published in 1997. At the moment 52 issues are planned.

Its one of these "published every week to bring you....".

So what is it like? Well glossy and lots of pictures. Some interesting articles and no adverts.

Issue 1 has the following articles

* The Wildlife year - September
* Our living seas - Hermit Crabs
* Wild flowers, trees and fungi - Poppies
* Know more about birds - Barn Owl
* Identifying wildlife - Recognising Tits
* Wildlife habitats - Wonders of the Oak Wood
* The lives of animals - The Family Lives of Hedgehogs
* Garden Wildlife - Honey Bees in Your Garden

Each issue is likely to follow a similar pattern and will cost £1.99 (issue 1 is 99p in the shops). If you click here you will find links to sample articles.

Is it worth it? For the hardcore naturalist no but it looks like an interesting read for those of us after a simple introduction into more about the world on our doorstep. It reminds me of a printed version of the BBC programme Hands on Nature.


Roger B. said...

The layout and illustrations look vaguely familiar. I'm sure there was a similar publication in the 1980s.

It looks good though.

oldcrow61 said...

It looks like a really interesting magazine.

Toffeeapple said...

Expensive! Surely we can use the Internet to find articles like these? I hate 'part works' they make an enourmous profit for the producer.

st said...

If you read the inside cover it has been published before, originaly 1997 and 2000. I enjoyed it.

Jane said...

Yes, it has been done before. Although I thought it was quite good to start with, once I starting reading it it did seem a bit lacking in information - bit "high gloss and no info". Expensive if you get every copy as well... I'd rather spend my money on a good book or DVD.