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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mallards under threat?

There was a report stating that winter Mallard numbers are at record lows with only the Ouse Washes having significant winter numbers. Apparently numbers have dropped by a third since the 1980's and on the Ouse Washes by 50%.

Now I am not certain what that proves. Does this mean that Mallards are under threat, or does it mean that less birds are needing to fly here to over winter, as their breeding grounds become less hostile? Bear in mind that in winter Mallard numbers are topped up by wintering birds.

The Times environmental correspondent starts his report with.

Children who enjoy throwing chunks of bread to mallards had better make the most of it because the ducks are disappearing from Britain’s ponds, a survey shows.

Is this true? Most over wintering Mallards behave as normal wild ducks and avoid humans I thought. The birds we feed are likely to be breeding birds that have become used to humans.

Still it would be interesting to know if there is a problem with how wintering mallards are doing on their normal breeding grounds.

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