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Friday, January 11, 2008


I am back at work and life moves on.

Anyway so what has happened in the world since I last looked.

Ah yes our American cousins have started the process to determine who will be the next President of the US.

Now I don't profess to understand how this works. In some places they have primaries and some places have caucuses. I've no idea what the differences are.

In this country party members elect a leader, in the US you can register as a Republican or Democrat or Independent. If you register as independent you can choose for which parties primary you wish to choose the candidate.

For the Democrats at the start of the week Hilary Clinton was having her obituary written and then she meet young Mr Obama in New Hampshire. Now I have no clue how good either of them will be as President but I no that I will have to listen to countless speculation for the rest of the year.

For the Republicans there are no obvious front runners. Some guy called Mike Huckerbee won in Iowa, it seems that being an Evangelical Christian was important (oh God help us) and in New Hampshire John McCain won BIG. He has the drawback of supporting the "surge" (and of being old - but hey why should that matter?) in Iraq but to me he has the advantage of having fought in a war so at least knowing the consequences of what his future actions would be. Something Mr Bush never had.

The planet has shrunk enormously and none of us can do something and say sod the consequences for everyone else. America may be the biggest player on the block but it can no longer ignore the opinion of the rest of the world. They can vote for whoever they want but the relationships they form with their "neighbours" will greatly affect their lifestyles.

Have a nice day y'all


Toffeeapple said...

At least the rest of the world will be glad to be rid of the Bush dynasty!

st said...

pete - iv'e just read that you can buy a new car in asia for 1,200 pounds.
Never mind America the world is doomed.
Alright it's still a fortune to a lot of people in asia, but times are a changing and more people than ever will be attached to the internal combustion engine.
So either mad max was a prediction of the future Or global warming is just a trend and the climate people have got it wrong. Either way the end of the world is nigh, just for the record i think that G.W. will doom the world before the end of his tenure.