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Monday, January 21, 2008

Churches, Swans and Ducks

I was off today. I could have jumped out of bed and driven to Cley to see that long staying White Crowned Sparrow but when I woke I just wandered down and brought breakfast back up to bed.

So where to ? I had considered going to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge but guess what day it is closed? YEP Monday!

So I thought I know I'll show you All Saints Hildersham (Cambridgeshire). Its small and heavily Victorianized. I rather like it, it fell in disrepair and was restored in 1973 by Dykes-Bower (he designed Lancing Chapel I believe). The church is small I might add.

Where to now? Ok they've started the midday Swan Feeds at Welney and so despite the awful light off I went. Unfortunately because of all the rain there were few Swans on the reserve still....

Nice flock of Golden Plover on the way out.

About 1pm the rain started - GROWL


Tricia said...

Some good "activity" shots there despite dull weather.

It always amazes me the size of the weed etc. that Coots seem to manage!

oldcrow61 said...

What a beautiful little! The swan pictures are wonderful.

Hornet said...

I'm not really a church man (that's definitely my other half's thing) but that looks a bit special Pete.

Can't believe you didn't go for the sparrow ;-) but looks like a decent day out anyway. I've got to sort my embarrasing swan situation out - life list of 204 and still haven't been anywhere near a Whooper! (along with Tawny Owl, Purple Sandpiper, Grey Partridge and a few other relatively easy ones - oh, and White-Crowned Sparrow of course).

Pete said...

tricia - underrated bird the coot.

oc - thought you would enjoy.

mark - yes whooper is kind of embarassing. the others are a little harder not seen that many of either. although have got a photo of a tawny :D

my most embarrassing is manx shearwater.

the sparrow? well if the weather is good and dave is up for it, but don't hold your breath

Toffeeapple said...

What a jewel of a church!

Mary said...


Our Cathedrals aren't as beautiful and ornate as your churches. You have a great eye for photography. Your waterfowl photos took my breath away. Will you melt in the rain? LOL! I know - cameras don't like the rain either.