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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This and That

I arrived at work this morning to find I had left my security pass at home. ARGH! But oh know it got MUCH worse I've left my mobile phone at home. I feel totally out of contact with the world.

Note to self make sure I update my work mobile so it has the current phone numbers on it!!

BBC2 has a two parter called "An Otter in the Family" starting Sunday @ 6:30. Phillipa Forrester and Charlie Hamilton-James trace their adoption of a baby Otter found separated from her mother to the eventual return to the wild. This should be worth watching.

I've commented before that I am puzzled by the hostility between Canon and Nikon users, surely healthy competition between the two brands is good for all of us. Anyway the Luminous Landscape site has a comparison of the two Nikons dSLR against a new Canon dSLR. The chap doing the comparison, which he freely says is non scientific, is a Canon user and he has apparently gotten a bit of flack about this. The rebuttal from LL is that "with some one million unique readers a month this site needs to reflect from time to time the interests of a broader constituency, and in this case I felt that my lack of Nikon coverage was doing a disservice to that segment of the community, especially pros for whom Nikon is their tool of choice". It will be interesting to read reviews of Nikon gear from a Canon user.


oldcrow61 said...

Wasn't that written as a book? I think I have it here somewhere. As to the cameras, I know very little about them but I do love my little Cannon although it's not a dSLR.

Mary said...

Pete, I think I would need to turn around and go home to get my cell phone. I don't use it often, but I need it!

How ironic that you brought up debates, Canon vs. Nikon. I'm shopping for a new camera and I'm comparing the two. I only wish I could "test drive" both of them before laying a small fortune on the table. I'm going to check out your link. Might be another 6 mos. before I take the leap to something hopefully better than my little Kodak :o)

Pete said...

Mary - you take some lovely photos. dSLRs are flipping expensive!! what camera have you got?

OC - I had noticed you are rather smitten.

Pete said...


the likes of pentax, olympus and Sony have stabilization in the camera. Nikon and canon have it in the lenses. The later is better (apparently) but a lot pricier.

whatever you buy make sure there is the range of lenses you need.

ocean and forest walks said...

I have the Canon XTi and I love it when it takes a good picture... but I often drool over Nikon cameras and lenses and features...I am stuck with the Canon now as I have too much Canon gear.

Pete said...

Oceans - I drool over the Canon 100-400 IS. The Nikon equivalent doesn't autofocus as quickly.

Nowt wrong with Canon dSLRs.