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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Squirrel Debate AGAIN

I think yours truly is going a bit ga ga. I've left my mobile at home AGAIN and instead of taking the carrier bag with two bottles of wine into the office (christmas party) I brought the one with my muddy wellies. Luckily both bags were in the car.

Anyway the excellent Shirls Gardenwatch has a post on the Grey Tree Rat or Squirrel to you and me.

As regular readers will know I think the Grey Squirrel gets an unfair press. Ok it shouldn't be here and if we could send them back to North America I would but I don't think a cull is either cost effective or will work. I also think the Red Squirrel gets any problem it has glossed over. A commenter or Shirl's blog says that the Red is a vegetarian and does not eat eggs which the Forestry Commission contradicts. The Red is cuter and its ours and anyway its Squirrel Nutkin isn't it?

There is lots of pro Red anti Grey propaganda on the web so here is some pro Grey Squirrel propaganda

I ought to state I would support a cull if the Grey threatened island populations like Brownsea and the Isle of Wight and I can understand the position of the Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrel.

It is perhaps something wildlife groups need to understand that for many people growing up today the only mammal they are likely to see is the alien Grey and it is the Grey that will make them appreciate nature.

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