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Thursday, December 27, 2007

planning ahead.

I trudged back into the office today. I arrived at 6:45!!

The morning was taken up with moving offices. I think I went about 50 feet in total our PCs, phones and printers ll work. There are no problems with the systems (touch wood) and the users are leaving us alone.

I am being a good boy despite all the positive reviews I haven't bought a d300 and I haven't bought that lens. This will surprise those of you who know me well.

When things resolve I'll take Dad for a holiday (probably May), he can sure do with a change of scenery. I have also booked all of my holiday allowance for 2008/9, its the type of thing I do at this time of year when I'm feeling down. The holiday year doesn't start until April!! I haven't actually booked the holidays but just the time off work. I have a rough idea of where I want to go. It kind of strange that my planning seems to revolve about going to new places so I don't bore you lot!!

I definitely want to go to:
  • Shropshire and Cheshire. some lovely buildings (Speke Hall for instance) and some churches.
  • Cornwall (stopping in Dorset/Devon to go to Abbotsbury for BABY swans!!) for loads of churches that I need to hit my 700 target for the year.
  • Surrey (churches and builidng and Thursley Common for Dragons!!)

there'll be a few others!!


ocean and forest walks said...

Baby swans, dragons and lovely old churches......sounds wonderful Pete...can't wait..cheers
take care, ocean

Tricia said...

I thought Health & Safety Regulations didn't permit a work starting time before 10.00 a.m. at the earliest!

oldcrow61 said...

Looking forward to hearing about all your trips and seeing pictures.

Janine said...

Nah, wait till the D300 has been out a while longer so they can fix all the bugs. Stay strong! You and your family are in our thoughts here.