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Monday, December 03, 2007

Of Squirrels and Music

I'm not in the happiest of moods this morning. Life.

Although they get a terrible press Squirrels have the capacity to make me smile!

And this made me smile as well.

I'm struggling to think of what to blog about of late. So with this in mind I'm going to give you some music. Years ago I was going to a concert. My mate Tony was buying half the store and Jan and I were just browsing. I went to one of the listening posts and found they were playing some female vocalist I had never heard of.

The lady concerned was Eva Cassidy (this was before she became famous) I selected the title track and was blown away. I bought the CD along with some others of hers.

She died so young and missed out on all the success and acclaim that was to come.


Anna said...

Not the dreaded Eva!!

I can't stand the woman. She has (had) no idea how to sing a musical line without "prettying it up", something I can't forgive.

She even breathed in stupid places (also unforgivable). The two things combined means that the lyrics don't have the same impact. Sometimes they don't even make sense anymore.

Her version of Sting's Fields of Gold is a great example, it lost all the lazy, beautiful but slightly sad summer's evening feel of the original, and just became a vehicle to show off her (admittedly pleasant) voice.

But I guess it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things, right?

Diddums said...

I had a CD of Eva Cassidy, but I gave it away because I couldn't hear her voice as well as I would have liked. Some musicians give me more trouble than others. That's probably why I like reggae and African music so much... the strong beat.

The video clip of the squirrel was good. I said on my last bunch of questions that I would like to come back as a cat, but I've changed my mind. I'll be a squirrel instead - it looks so much fun! Throw me the odd chocolate bar, please... I like Aero bubbles.

Jan said...

As Anna said above, good job maybe tha we don't all like the same stuff, personally, I absolutely love her voice and the way she phrases. Her CD is one of the favourites in my collection, and one of the few that I listen to still after all this time. I love Fields of Gold, prefer it to Sting's version, and Over the Rainbow still reduces me to tears every time I hear it. Ah well, there you go.

Love the Squirrel and the Bird vids, pity the Bird one isn't real, that'd teach 'em!

oldcrow61 said...

Aren't squirrels amazing. Loved the video.

Pete said...

as you say would be a dull world...

jan cornwall said...

all a can say is VAN MORRISON don't you just love him pete!!!
do love eva cassidy though good choice

st said...

I like eva got all shes done. thats released, that is
singing others songs in your own style proves your not a robot.

Ally said...

We've got a couple of squirrels that visit us regularly - the cats are waging a war with them and they use terrible language when they see me go up in to the garden. They've worked out how to climb up the side of the house to get to the bird nuts and I lie in bed in the mornings and listen to them run over the roof in their hob-nail boots :).

Mo said...

I'm in the pro Eva camp. Over the Rainbow reduces me to tears every time. A song that means so much to me.

We have a new resident squirrel just now. It doesn't seem to like sunflowers seeds though and has left the feeders alone so far.