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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My vote for Christmas No 1

Anything but x-factor

or maybe Anna would prefer


oldcrow61 said...

lol, that Shaun is so funny.

Jan said...

Shaun vid is brilliant, not seen it before all the way through, what a hoot. Sadly I don't think he's as popular as maybe the TellyTubbies were to make it the Christmas No. 1, but hope I'm wrong (I would be wanting XFactor is Rhydian had won, didn't like Leon's version at all, a real dirge)

Hitting Anna below the belt eh? ;)
Personally, I don't like Katie Melua, all her stuff sounds exactly the same, find her voice extremely irritating. I loved Closest Thing to Crazy, bought her CD, and quickly got rid of it again, it was so boring.

Diddums said...

I saw the finals by accident, and started rooting for Rhydian the minute he started singing!

I said to Mum there's something timeless about Rhydian, but Leon's a 90s guy... (oops, that's a decade out of date actually! But you know what I mean). Terrible result, but who's surprised?