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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looking Forward

Well I had a Christmas card from Shane yesterday thanking me for the toys and treats. It was paw written. Jan is trying to convince me that it may have been his handler. Well really.....

One of the changes I've noted in myself this year is that my interest in wildlife has broadened from just birds to include Butterflies and especially Dragonflies. I may not go out seeking them but I do enjoy seeing them, when its freezing cold it makes you long for those sunny days when Dragons are on the wing.

This was brought to mind by an article in BBC Wildlife magazine about insect holidays in Hungary. The number and the colour of dragons species was mouth watering.

As it is I'll be looking forward to the first dragons and butterflies of 2008 for my camera.

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

How lovely that you got a card from Shane. Bet he'll enjoy his treats. I too can't wait until the bugs come out again although it's going to be a long haul until that happens here.