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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its hard for wildlife at the mo.

The weather has been totally odd this year.

A number of wildlife rescue centres are reporting an influx of underweight Hedgehogs. The Vale Centre in Worcstershire has been inundated with twice normal numbers. St Tiggywinkles is reporting similar problems and it has lost its supplier of donated dog food.

Our regular donator of large quantities of Dog Food is no longer able to continue supplying us, so this expense will now be covered by our Hospital. We get through a HUGE amount of dog food every day at Tiggywinkles. Each hedgehog has about 1/3 of a tin of dog food every day - and we have over 400 at the moment with the numbers increasing. Each fox has a couple of tins a day, badgers have about three tins, all the crows, seagulls, magpies and other corvids have dog food and we use some dog food to make up our glop for some of the younger birds and hedgehogs too. I estimate that we get through a couple of shopping-trollies-full of dog food every day!

When you are stuffing yourself with food this christmas do consider giving a little something to an animal charity.

I do worry about the chap I took the photo of in October. If the little fellow hadn't of been disappearing into a hedgerow I might have been able to grab it (I only got the photo as I had the long lens on, not taking the photo wouldn't have enabled me to get the hog regretably).

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oldcrow61 said...

A great idea to give something to an animal charity. In fact, I think I'll buy some dog food for the crows that come around.