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Thursday, November 29, 2007

You learn something new everyday

There are historical figures we have all heard of but really know nothing about.

Lets take an example Mrs Beeton. You will have all heard of her and know that she is the author of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management (popularly known as Mrs Beeton's Cookbook). And that's all I knew.

Except that I find she really isn't the author, most of the recipes were taken from other sources and she is really the compiler and/or editor). I've always assumed that she was a middle aged woman when she wrote the book (Well the book is a series of supplements for a magazine The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine), so I was surprised to learn that Mrs Beeton was aged 23-25 when writing and that she died aged 28 a week after given birth to her fourth child.

Her Mother had 21 children apparently.


st said...

You learn something everyday. I knew she was a young woman, but did not know she died so young.
No wonder she just disappeared, I thought she married and that was that.

My mother had 16 siblings

Diddums said...

I knew she was young - but only fairly recently that she compiled the recipes.

Have you change this to 'Google/Blogger' comments only? It will link to the wrong Aw Diddums site. :-(.

Pete said...


I've done nothing looks like blogger changed something!! Sowwy!!

Diddums said...

Yes - I looked at mine, it's the same. It looks as though we can post anonymous comments (without links) or Blogger comments (with Blogger links).

Anonymous said...

Just trying an anonymous one.... (Diddums)

Diddums said...

I apologize for filling up your comments with stuff that don't have anything to do with your posts - but can you see my Blogigo blog? I can't, and my sister can't, but one of my other friends says he can see all of it, including the most recent post.

I'm starting to think I'm going mad...

Pete said...

looks fine to me!