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Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Good News Stories

As you may have gathered I like the occasional good news story so here are a few!

So I'll point you to this story of six kittens adopted by a pet rabbit in Scotland. The kittens was handed in 3 weeks ago and when Summer the Rabbit was brought inside for bonfire night and the kittens seem to have taken to her. There are pictures on the link.

Apparently Scotland's population of breeding Sea Eagles is at its highest level since the reintroduction program started. There were 42 pairs last year who had 34 chicks.

Birds are continuing to be released. It is hoped that the eagles will eventually cover the whole of Scotland.


oldcrow61 said...

Great stories.

jan in cornwall said...

Those kittens were so cute, the rabbit semmed quite happy about the situation. Nature is a strange and wonderfull thing! Pity the human race is not so tolerant!!

Anonymous said...

Love the sea eagle story - nice to hear some positive news.

Mary said...

Pete, just what I needed tonight - a story of Summer mothering kittens. There is too much horrid news to hear. We need more nature stories to calm us down.

And I learned about Sea Eagles.

Thank you.

Mo said...

Love the rabbit story. I have a friend who adopts and rehomes abandoned rabbits and she has one who is very good at mothering all the others especially any baby rabbits brought in.