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Friday, November 23, 2007

Out and About

Firstly let me state I am not ruling myself out of being the next England Football Manager. I am more than happy with a 4 year contract and if we fail to make the world cup in 2010 then than a 2 million quid pay off will be fine.

So its a nice day out and I went to RSPB Fowlmere. Not sure why as I never see much there, its ok in spring when the warblers arrive. Still it was a nice walk and I did see a Kingfisher.

Also saw a Sparrowhawk and a Blue Tit climbing reeds.

I came back the scenic route meant to stop off at either Duxford Chapel or Clavering chuch but did neither. Did stop to look at the river running past Audley End Mansion and found this chap with the Canadas.

Quick stroll to Hatfield Forest Lake, nothing exotic but you can tell winter is coming. 5 male Pochard and one female. 6 Tufties, 6 gadwalls and 20 plus Teal. Great Crested Grebe pair still present.

oh and this fella


oldcrow61 said...

Nice pictures Pete, looks like you had a good day at it.

st said...

the 'square on squirrel' and the robin are my favourites

Pete said...

thanks folks

I liked that Squirrel!

Mo said...

Gorgeous robin photo. He really looks like he's posing for the camera.