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Monday, November 12, 2007


The world has gone f*ck*ng mad!! You want YET more evidence?

Santas working in shopping "malls" in Australia have been banned from saying "HO HO Ho".

Recruitment company Westaff supplies 100's of Santa's across the country. Glen Jansz (national operations manager) said the company's Santas had been urged to tone down their use of the "ho, ho, ho" phrase.

"The reason behind that is we find that in some cases the little kids can get a little bit scared of the deep 'ho, ho, hos' and we ask them to be mindful of keeping their voices to a lower level," .

"And kids are probably more inclined to understand 'ha, ha, ha', than 'ho, ho, ho'."

Bill Muehlenberg spokesman for the Famcily Council of Victoria described the ban as "nonsensical".

"Potentially any big guy in a red suit with a white beard is scary but I don't think him saying 'ho ho ho' would damage a child's psyche."

"Let's just concentrate on the kids having a good time."

It is nice to know this level idiocy isn't just confined to the UK.

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oldcrow61 said...

Unbelievable!! It's all gone mad!