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Friday, November 02, 2007

How Old?

Leazwell has asked how old the various buildings I visited this week are sssoooo


Felbrigg Hall - the old medieval Hall was rebuilt in 1620. If you look at the pics you'll notice two styles. There is a multitude of styles (you can see that from my photo) and it was extended in 1680 and again in about 1750.

Blickling Hall - although originally much older it was substantially rebuilt in 1616


St George's South Acre, I think it was originally built in the 14th century but it was added to over the next 200 years.

Castle Rising Castle - begun in1138 by William D'Albini, it was much altered in the 14th century.

St Lawrence Castle Rising - built about the same time as the castle BUT much restored by the Victorians.

All Saints - Morston, not sure really, the excellent Norfolk churches website says that DP Mortlock dated parts of it to the 12th century, probably 13th century but obviously much added to over the next 3 centuries.

St John the Baptist Stiffkey. - don't know late 13th early 14th I think.


Holy Trinity - Betjeman says its Norman so pre 12th century but it didn't look it to me! Much restored. The Hare monument is 1741 approximately

very few buildings belong to one period. What makes Salisbury Cathedral almost unique amongst English Cathedrals is that it is virtually all of one style.

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