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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eagles over East Anglia.

Apparently plans are being drawn up to release White-Tailed Sea Eagles on the Suffolk coast! If the plan goes ahead the birds would be released some time in 2009.

As I reported a few days ago there are 42 breeding pairs in Scotland following a successful retinroduction.

For your info there are no records of a WT Sea Eagle ever attacking Humans, even a child. There normal food is rabbits and gulls, so coming to a rubbish tip near!

Seriously these are magnificent birds with an 8 foot wingspan! Will certainly enliven a walk in Suffolk!


KAZ said...

I do worry about reintroductions - messing with mother nature and all that.
Still, it's worked for the stork in the region of Spain that I visit.

Mo said...

Good luck to the eagles. Having been lucky enough to see them in Scotland I know they're wonderful birds. I hope they aren't persecuted by farmers there. The first pair to nest on mainland Scotland (Loch Morar) were both poisoned a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful birds.
If anyone gets the chance to visit Scotland go to the Isle of Mull. The locals have a rota system during the breeding season to watch the nests.
(West coast of Scotland too)
WT Eagles have been likened to a flying Barn door!

I think they are fabulous fliers.

oldcrow61 said...

These are beautiful birds, I wish them the best.

Chris said...

Hello Pete, thanks for visiting my blog and for the info re IS. I will look into it :-) I do wonder sometimes what effect introducing one species of wildlife will have on the others but agree these are magnificient birds.

Anonymous said...

I like this news item a lot Pete. I have never seen a White-Tailed eagle, well just on YouTube.I hope they can reintroduce them.