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Monday, November 12, 2007

BBC Countryfile Magazine

I picked up a copy of the BBC Countryfile Magazine yesterday. It is a glossy mag and looks similar to BBC Wildlife and BBC History Magazines.

As British readers will no doubt guess it is an extension of the excellent TV programme of the same name and is very much a magazine version of the TV programme. Unlike BBC Wildlife it is very Britain centric.

There are sections on "real" food, Country Books, TV & Radio, Country News, reviews and letters. The Decemeber issue has an article on dog sledding in Scotland, one about whether the White Christmas is gone forever, a feature "From Farm to Fork", an article on the North East and another article on the top 10 follies. There is also 15 pages of green advice on recycled paper - seems a bit faux in a predominantl glossy magazine.

A feature that I particularly like was a series of "pub walks/rides". You get 10 cards with walks/rides, there is a map and a list of things to look for and photo opportunities. Each features a pub for a meal/drink/rest.

I'm not certain if this is a magazine i'll buy regularly but its certainly one I will have a look at.


oldcrow61 said...

Pub walks/rides sounds like a bit of fun. Are you going to try it?

Pete said...

uhm may try one of the walks next summer. Bit cold this time of year although one of them is a possibility in January!

Hornet said...

It's a pretty decent read isn't it - I got bought a subscription for my birthday, and it's right up my street. They're doing a series on keeping chickens soon - and that's definitely on my 'Good Life' to-do list!