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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Tudors

Has anyone seen BBC2's new "historical" series the Tudors? It centres on the early life of Henry VIII when he was considered particularly handsome, we are used to seeing the fat bloated Henry of later years.

What you get to see is young Henry in bed with various attractive ladies in various states of undress. Now I'm not against seeing attractive young ladies with few clothes on BUT will someone please explain why writer Michael Hirst felt compelled to play fast and loose with the History. Hirst "bent certain facts for the sake of the story".

I can sort of understand why he merged Henry's two sisters Mary and Margaret "we already had another Princess Mary [Henry's daughter], and who needs two Princess Marys on a film set, with all the confusion that would bring?". But Henry's life was a rip rollicking affair he had 6 wives killed two of them had countless mistresses AND by breaking with Rome changed English Society out of all recognition. All pretty dull I guess.

It may be entertaining telly but honestly given Henry's life it could have been that and Historically accurate as well!!


Jan said...

I like historical costume dramas on tv, but I watched precisely 10 minutes of this trash and turned it over to something else. I'm afraid I don't want to watch sex on my tv or anywhere else for that matter.

Mo said...

I laughed at lot at it (not that it was supposed to be funny!) then got bored! And I've read all the Philippa Gregory books related to Henry and loved them - well researched.

oldcrow61 said...

This series is coming on one of our channels. While the trailers look good I don't think I'll bother watching it. I trust what you guys say about it and it doesn't sound too good.