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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Its Grey

Well if its the end of October it must be Norfolk. Tawny Owl on the way up!

It was quiet at Titchwell first thing. I ignored the gaggle at the seawatching point and walked 20 yards to be on my own.

Not vast amounts off the sea. Gannets, Guillemots, Razorbills, Gulls, Great Crested Grebes, Red Throated Divers, one Black Throated Diver (very nice views), a Red Necked Grebe amongts the Great Cresteds. Oh first Goldeneye of the winter. Sanderlings, Ringed Plovers and Oystercatchers on the beach.

withib 50 yards of the beach a Kingfisher flew across the path!

Lots of waders and ducks Black Tailed Godwits, Snipe, Dunlin, Pintails, wigeon etc

There are birders everywhere so decided to head for Felbrigg park for lunch. Its here I decided to fall on my butt last January. Not today! Did see one load darter dragonfly by the lake.

My transport HA HA

Meant to say lovely to see the Geese as usual. If the sun comes out I'll try and take some birdy photos.


oldcrow61 said...

ooooh, beautiful helicopter. Great pictures.

Tricia said...

If it's any consolation, it's grey "down south" too!

Lovely pics as usual

st said...


Mo said...

LOL - quite a list for "not much"!