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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


OC likes some of the odd monuments I have shown here and I promised her a picture of the most unusual one I've seen in a Parish Church.

I've been here before obviously so here is Holy Trinity Stow Bardolph.

All so ordinary. There is some nice woodwork in the chancel.

So we turn to the Hare chapel. Its all very impressive but unusual?

Hang on what's this cupboard? It says here lieth the body of Sarah Hare.

Odd eh! There is nothing like it in any parish church I believe. The only other waxwork effigies are in Westminster Abbey. Sarah's will demanded this type of effigy. Hope OC is not disappointed.

I then popped into Welney. There were loads of Darter dragonflies. And the Swans are back!! It was nice to see quite a few young birds.


Anonymous said...

The historian in me would enjoy knowing dates for the structures if it wouldn't be be to much to ask. Thanks as usual for presenting British heritage.

oldcrow61 said...

Wow! How wonderful. Incredible stuff in those churches. I can understand why you have such an interest in them.

st said...

The carving on those settles is amazing. I love the hare.
Nice to see you haven't give up on the birds