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Sunday, October 07, 2007


So I’m home, I stopped off to pick up

654 St John Bishopstone

Got In and the first thing I did was a wet clean…. No joy back to Nikon :(


digi-birder said...

Some nice photos from your trip. Hope you get your sensor sorted quickly.

You've been tagged.

Jan said...

Sorry about the sensor, but not sure what you are on about tbh! I guess its something on your camera though.

ziggi said...

I have really enjoyed your tour around. Especially Poole where I lived for 31 years and never once saw a red squirrel although I went to Brownsea nearly as many times as I had hot dinners! Your photographs are excellent. I don't know what a wet clean is but sympathy if that's what's required!

Pete said...

thanks all

Mary said...

Pete, I just scrolled through your recent posts. Do you realize you are a FABULOUS photographer? I would like to know what camera you are using.

Pete said...

I'm blushing Mary. its not true honest.

the camera is a nikon d80. I use various lenses sigma 10-20 landscape, tamron 18-250 for walkabout stuff. the photos at abbotsbury and of non-birds on brownsea was a nikon 70-300 vr the birds on brownsea was a tamron 200-500.