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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hen Harrier Shooting Update

Some of you may remember I reported that two Hen Harriers had be shot at the Queen's estate at Sandringham (actually Dersingham bog which is part of the Sandringham estate).

Well it seems that Prince Harry has been interviewed about this as a friend and he were in the area. According to Clarence House the prince and a friend were in the area at the time but had no knowledge of the incident.

Police are now interviewing three people over the shooting. Norfolk police would not say if Harry was one of the three.

"The investigation is ongoing," said the spokesman.

"We are interviewing three people and will be making a report to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision."

Natural England say they are "shocked" over the killing. Apparently two members of the public along with a Natural England staff member saw the birds shot but not who did it.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Well it wouldn't surprise me, but it will of course not be proven. Someone will take the blame for him if he was involved. I expect I will be sent to the Tower now for treason if a royal reads your blog. ;)

Whoever did it needs to be severely punished, but I expect it will just be the normal wrist slap and a fine.