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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Churches, Birds and the Gipsy Moth IV

I had a potential 11 churches on my list today so without further ado…. Oh don’t worry it isn’t that bad. In fact I have a treat for OC! Some wildlife!!

I started off going over to Exmoor

To get to

648 St Mary, Oare. It was here where Carver Doone shot Lorna and John Ridd rode out for his revenge. Well it was in R D Blackmore’s classic book Lorna Doone.

I stopped off in the sea side town of Lynmouth.

Why? Well I was hoping for this little chappy!!

And some friends.

649 St Peter, Combe Martin. Some of the woodwork is 20th century.

I then went on to Arlington Court which has lots of nautical memorabilia as it was the home of the Chichester’s (Gypsy Moth anyone?). It’s a nice smallish house and the old stables contains the National Trust carriage Collection.

I took my 70-300 lens with me. Why? Well upon my last visit 3 years ago the vegetable garden had a very confiding visitor and I wondered….

Ah so cute!

And on to

650 St James, Swimbridge

I passed within 2 miles of another church but time was pressing and I thought it would be a better use of time to visit

651 St Mary, Molland

Well part one over. I hope to have wifi and the new hotel. This one, the Hood Arms Kilve, has been ok, even if the breakfast service has been a little hit and miss. Good beer! I’ll have to stay nearer Barnstaple next time to make nabbing a few churches easier.

Oh for Mary in America.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful landscapes. The statues and windows in the churches are as impressive as ever. Who is the "little chappy"...very pretty bird. Love all the animal pictures. Quite a day you've had, I'd say.

st said...

Dippers are good. I thought all jackdaws had blue eyes.

Mary said...

Wow! Busy day. I am glad you got to see the dipper! Also some great shots of the Robin.

Janine said...

The Jackdaw pic is great.

Mo said...

Aw, a bonnie wee dipper!

Dorothea said...

Hi Pete,

Is the cute character with rich brown plumage and white breast a dipper?
(well, you did say to ask :-))

PS. Did you hear that the Free Burma Campaign is running a "One Blogpost for Burma" activity today, October 4th? I found out about it from Ruscombe Green and Barkingside 21.

It's very worrying that the regime is holding thousands of protestors there, and no-one yet knows what will happen to them.

Mary said...

Pete, how sweet. He's a rough looking chap, isn't he? Funny! Thank you.

You really outdid yourself with the photos. The churches are so rich and ornate and have a very nice feel to them. Old and charming. I'm amazed how green everything is there...I will gladly give you sunshine if I can have some clouds :o)

That little bird with the orange throat is beautiful!

Pete said...

well thanks everyone

OC/Dorothea its a Eurasian Dipper

Mary (in the US) - the bird is a Robin. Everything is green becuase its rained so much. Oh and the dog is a she and a softy