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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brownsea Island the search for Squirrel Nutkin

As I type this I am totally fed up. Its been a super day but it now looks like my sensor is buggered. I’m going to have to attempt a wet clean Sunday night when I get home. If that fails back to Nikon!!

So I went to Brownsea Island as you can see the weather was gorgeous.

I was wondering how easy the target creature would be uh……

Oh the church, St Mary’s, is not in the book but the 800th I visited. Oh and look what turned up in the churchyard.

Birds seen included Spoobills, Godwits, Redshank, Arctic Tern, Shag, Little Egret and Chiffchaff

The journey back was a tour around the harbour the second largest natural harbour in the world.

As I was near the hotel look what scuttled across the road.

Luckily I saw him and slowed right down.He shouldn’t be out in daylight!!

But oh that sensor SOB!!!!


oldcrow61 said...

Whew!! Glad to see you back. Thought you had gotten lost,lol. Lovely pictures. Aw, that damnable sensor...hugs.

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion then - Brownsea?
Like the pics of Red(s) - my battery was flat when I got there the other week.Nice to see you also saw a Hog(on way to Pub.


Jan said...

So you got the squirrel then, he seems to have a lot of dark fur though, even grey, not a hybrid is it! Very cute though.

Pete said...

c - yeah good suggestion!!

oc - ta

Jan - no Greys there. I think the island populations will be separate sub species one day

Mary said...

Oh you saw the red squirrels. karen and I are hoping to visit in the next couple of weeks

Mary said...

Pete have you got picasa 2 you can download it free from Picasa I am sure you can adjust your pics on it.its so easy.