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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You what?

Excuse but whilst I wasn't paying attention did the world go entirely mad?

Ok I've got used to the fact that Tony Blair (a Labour PM) was cosying up to George Bush and that then Tory leader and Thatcherite Michael Howard was criticising US policy.

It got a bit more bizarre when David Cameron became Conservative leader and started being the heir to Blair and talking about the Environment.

Then Gordon Brown invited Baroness Thatcher to Downing Street and we had Tory MP's accusing him of exploiting her.

But it just got EVEN MORE bizarre.

Lord Tebbit told The Times many voters would think Mr Cameron did not know "how the other half lives".

and he also said he had "considerable regard" for Mr Brown, saying the invitation to Lady Thatcher was "Gordon Brown at his very best; a wonderful mixture of his courtesy and his political nous".

So we have Norman "get on your bike" Tebbit praising Gordon Brown and criticisng David Cameron.

I don't know about you but I am totally confused. Was Corinna at a Labour or COnservative Conference last week?

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