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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday - Constable Country

And so to the Vale of Dedham and Constable Country. Dedham is an attractive village, the church and especially its tower features in the work of John Constable.

The church was built in 1492. It doesn't feature in my book but I reckon you'll enjoy a tour.

As you saw above the tower is walk through and has a fine roof.

The church features a Constable Painting, The Ascension, one of three works he painted for local churches and the only one still in situ.

The village is worth a look.

I popped up to Mistley Towers. Its on the Stour Estuary.

Then onto Flatford Mill. You may just recognise the locale if you've seen Constable's The Haywain.

I then went to Layer Marney Tower. What you see is just the Gatehouse for the proposed building. The interior doesn't contain much but the structure is impressive and the views impressive. The attached church contains some fine tombs, some using Terracota. The Marney chapel was built by the chap who was building the house. Curiously in his chapel is a fire place for the priests who were going to say mass for his soul in perperuity. Henry VIII did for that within 25 years.


oldcrow61 said...

Looks like you haven't stopped much today. Nice villages, beautiful churches and the tombs are marvelous.

Tricia said...

Pete - looks a great spot.

What is the bird. My initial reaction was curlew but the beak doesn't seem curved enough.

From "still learning to identify birds" of Surrey.

Pete said...

Tricia - its a black tailed Godwit in winter plumage

Mary said...

Lots of beautiful photos.....slowly trying to catch up with my blogging buddies.