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Sunday, September 30, 2007


The weather was considerably better today! It didn’t rain for a start.

So first to Mulcheney Abbey. You know its amazing just how many wonderful buildings were lost due to the reformation.

The Abbots lodging survived and is still a substantial building.

These stairs have seen some footsteps

The parish church is right next to the Abbey Church and would have been dwarfed.

I then went to Lytes Cary Manor. It’s what I think of as a £4 house (when I first started visiting National Trust properties in earnest anything under a fiver was not a big name property). Lytes Cary is what the National Trust does well, save and present a small but interesting house.

The house is one you could live in and it has a fine chapel. I rather liked it.

I realized I was near to 640 St Catherine’s Swell. Somerset is a land of towers and I drove past any old friends but St Catherine’s is a small farmyard chapel.

I finished off playing with my wide angled lens at Watchet Harbour.

Oh tomorrow assuming the weather is ok you are going to get a treat in Church architecture.


st said...

great choice of buildings to visit, very interesting. just love ya photo blogging.

Jan said...

Very nice pics. Glad you had a dry day. Shame about the wifi, but then someone told me about dial-up I think....:p