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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mucking about

One of the thing that struck me today is that some of the landscapes would have looked more atmospheric without colour. So what do you think? Same photo 3 different takes.

You may need to open them to get the best view.


digi-birder said...

Not too keen on sepia, but that's just my preference.

What I would do with that first one is desaturate the whole image but leave the boat in red. Although the first one is good, too, as it's almost monochrome anyway. Could do with the contrast upping, but only very slightly.

Janine said...

I like the BW versions better.

oldcrow61 said...

I like the coloured ones best. I love how the reds show up in the first picture and the underlying red tone in the landscape itself.

Mo said...

I like the back and white ones too.

Kate said...

I like the sepia ones, but I agree with Digi-Birder - the first one would look great if you desaturated it, but kept the boat red.