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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bitterns spreading

Apparently the RPSB recorded 51 male bitterns across 33 different sites this year.

The birds are apparently spreading to new areas with Bitterns being recorded in East Anglian Fens for the first time. According to the RSPB a privately owned wetlands site in Cambridge, that was converted from Farmland, has evidence of 4 nests from 3 different breeding pairs.

The spread is encouraging as the sites traditionally used by Brititish Bitterns are threatened by rising sea levels.


Mary said...

Its good to read a success story with so many wild birds becoming in the new Forest we have been sighting a rare Pink Flamingo :o)

KAZ said...

Shouts to Bitterns - 'please come up 'ere'.

Cherrypie said...

When I worked at our local reserve last Sunday, everyone that came into the visitors centre had seen 2 bitterns displaying well in one of the channels near my favourite hide.

Needless to say, there was no sign of them by the time I got there. Humpphhh!