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Thursday, September 27, 2007


The other week I was sitting out in the sun reading a book, even last Saturday I was sitting out in a long sleeved t-shirt eating my lunch with Jan. Well it has all changed!

Suddenly the temperature has dropped, last night I stuck the heavy duvet duvet on the bed and tonight I've turned on the heating.

Autumn seems to have arrived in force.

Nature's calendar is looking at Autumn, the current episode is at the Nationa Trust Property Wallington. They have Red Squirrels!! I'm off to Northumberland next year!!


Jan said...

What about Ashridge for the deer? Bit closer to home, I've been there :) Don't think I saw any deer though.

Erm dunno about Autumn, it's winter here, minus 2 this morning, two bird baths frozen solid, frost on the cars and roofs, sorry to keep going on about the weather here, but I've never known it that cold in September in all the years I've been here. November is the first frosts normally.

Anonymous said...

Its not Northumbria - its Northumberland!

Pete said...

thank you anonymous. Of course I could say I was visiting the old kingdom of the Angles but we both know that I made a mistake!

Anonymous said...

If its Red Squirrels you want Pete - go to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour while you are in Dorset.
They are collecting their nuts at the moment. There are also some waders and ducks about!!