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Sunday, September 30, 2007


The weather was considerably better today! It didn’t rain for a start.

So first to Mulcheney Abbey. You know its amazing just how many wonderful buildings were lost due to the reformation.

The Abbots lodging survived and is still a substantial building.

These stairs have seen some footsteps

The parish church is right next to the Abbey Church and would have been dwarfed.

I then went to Lytes Cary Manor. It’s what I think of as a £4 house (when I first started visiting National Trust properties in earnest anything under a fiver was not a big name property). Lytes Cary is what the National Trust does well, save and present a small but interesting house.

The house is one you could live in and it has a fine chapel. I rather liked it.

I realized I was near to 640 St Catherine’s Swell. Somerset is a land of towers and I drove past any old friends but St Catherine’s is a small farmyard chapel.

I finished off playing with my wide angled lens at Watchet Harbour.

Oh tomorrow assuming the weather is ok you are going to get a treat in Church architecture.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


So here I am. Although wifi works in the bar it doesn't work in my room so unlikely to be on yahoo early part of this week. I type this whilst eating a white chococlate Raspberry cheesecake, drinking a glass of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and being watched by a bulldog named Winny.

I arrived in Somerset to a dark, damp and wet morning.

I went first to Dunster. It has a 17th century yarn market, a nice communal garden and a memorial garden. It also has St George's church which was once a priory. I've been here before but it is well worth a visit.

The hatchment is Charles II most you tend to see are one of the Georges.

Dunster also has its fine castle There has been a castle here since Saxon times when the Severn's hide tide cut it off. What you see now was restored in Jacobean times and by the Victorian architect Salvin.

On a nice day the views are stunning and I'd have wandered down to the Mill Cafe and read my book. But today the weather was miserable so I moved on.

637 Kingston St Mary, with its tower and fine wood carving.

638 Goathurst St Edward, fine Hallsall monument and a lovely monument to 3 year old Isabella Kemeys

639 Bishop's Lydiard.

Someone has just walked out becuase the rooms don't match those on the internet!! Silly cow she was shown one on the net! They look fine to me.