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Saturday, August 18, 2007


So I woke (no alarm) at 4:50!! I didn't jump straight out of bed but did set off at 6.

So first stop was the Nature In Art museum at Wallworth. Some odd stuff some that I would love to own. A lovely wood carving of an American Wigeon, paintings by Jonsson, Tunnicliffe and Thorburn. A very funny "sculpture" of two polar bears playing chess. A picture of downlands hill.

The garden also has artwork.

So I went off to find two churches.

Firstly 620 St Swithun's Leonard Stanley

Then 621 All Saints Selsley. Selsley was designed by G F Bodley and the glass is early Morris & Co (probably Phillip Webb)

Then on to Newark Park, a small National Trust property which contained some interesting art. The tapestry from the Imperial Palce in Beijing was superb. It was chucking it down so I used the little camera and never walked around the woodland walks.

I then went off to visit

622 St Sampson Cricklade

623 St Mary Purton

624 St Mary Lydiard Tregoze

It looks like your typical medieval church

It still does

but the chancel is amazing.


oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful churches you have there. I love those statues in the garden. Wouldn't mind a couple of them.

Mary said...

What action packed days you have!

Cherrypie said...

My Grandma crocheted The Lord's Prayer. It was identical to that one. I loved it. It was huge.

Ragged Robin said...

Thanks for the link - I did try to find your post but failed! Some of the garden sculptures the same some different. Did you see the superb flower painting (flowers through the seasons) on the first landing as you go upstairs to galleries? Love the churches by the way :)