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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Effects of Climate Change

According to a report by the RSPB the number of visiting Ducks, Geese, Swans and Waders visiting our shores in winter is in decline.

The birds come from Northern Europe, Siberia, Canada and Greenland. It is believe that warmer winters mean the birds aren't travelling so far. A potential problem for the birds is that the areas they are now stopping at are not so rich in food.

Birds affected are Mallards (we get a lot come from Siberia in winter apparently), Shelduck, Turnstone and Bewick's Swans.
The report said climate change's affect on migration patterns had already been "particularly noted" in Northern Ireland with declines of Pochard and Bewick's swan.

Locally it was noted that the number of Smew (a rather attractive Duck) visiting Amwell Gravel Pits was down dramatically in 2007


st said...

A mild winter in northern europe may account for this. One of my siblings lives where snow is virtually guaranteed in winter, but the ski resort further up the mountains, had a bad season. Due to the unseasonably mild weather.

Dawn said...

Yes I read this too, quite depressing, I knew I should have joined the camp for climate change.